Create a safe space for your adventurous cat.

  • Protects your cat from escaping into the street, woods, or city.
  • The harmless, static-like sensation deters your cat from escaping with a gentle reminder from your fence.
  • Can save you hundreds of dollars in veterinarian bills by keeping your cat out of fights with other animals and free from foreign diseases.
  • Could easily save your cat from a life-threatening accident outside the safety of your yard.
  • No collar required. (They just sneak out of them anyway!)
  • Easy on your electric bill--usually costs less than $10 per year.
  • Quick and easy to install--no difficult instructions or complication parts.
  • Attaches onto your existing fence for a more economic option.
  • Keeps your cat in while preventing other cats from entering your yard
  • Gives you peace of mind while you're at work or away.

How It Works

  • Simply attach the thin, discreet polywire to your
    existing fence.

  • The fence will emit a small pulse similar to
    static–completely harmless to you and your
    pet–once every 1.2 seconds.

  • If your cat tries to cross the wire, they will feel the gentle pulse and return to safety.

  • Once your cat is familiar with the boundaries, they will no longer attempt to escape.

  • Leave the wire turned on to prevent intruding animals and forgetful cats from crossing the barrier. It’s a durable, long-lasting solution that will protect your cat all year long!

The SmartCats fence will not harm your cat!

SmartCats StayHome is a perfectly gentle electronic fence, emitting a small pulse every 1.2 seconds.

It's a slight buzz, similar to the feeling of static from a shaggy carpet. Although it will deter your cats from crossing the fence and keep them safe from outside dangers, it's incredibly gentle.

Finally, your cat can be safe from other animals, streetcars, and their own curiosity, without having to feel a painful shock.

Save Your Cat from Curiosity

You never want to find your cat after an unfortunate accident, or spend days waiting anxiously for their return.
By keeping your cat safe, you'll also save time and money.

Just imagine:

No more trips to the vet's office after a mysterious bite.

No more expensive medication for rabies.

No more anxious days spent looking for your dear pet.

The Smart Cats fence gives me the peace of mind that my cat will be safe in the back yard. She used to always escape. Sometimes she would be gone for a few hours and sometimes for days. It was so stressful! Now I don’t have to worry because she can no longer escape.

Barbara Centin

Fully Guaranteed
Our SmartCats StayHome Electronic Cat Proof Fence Solution works!

It will keep your cats safe inside your property and your cats will not cross the fence once it has been installed correctly, giving you peace of mind and a safe cat.

If you are not completely satisfied, please return the product within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

SmartCats StayHome Cat Fences are designed and manufactured to Australian Standards.
We provide a 5 year warranty on all parts including the controller.